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Eating and Drinking in New York, USA

New York Restaurants Guides

Home to one of the world's most famous cities, the state of New York is a bustling part of eastern America, visited by millions of tourists each year, with an enormous selection of restaurants to support this thriving tourist industry.

Comprising many different ethic cultures and types of food, the cuisine on offer throughout the state of New York is extremely diverse, with a particularly high concentration and variety of restaurants located in the capital city of New York. Here you will find fine dining for everyone, ranging from fast-food restaurants and burger bars, to exclusive eateries and a thriving street-café culture.

The city of New York actually offers a number of local specialties, which include the famed Manhattan clam chowder, the New York style cheesecakes, bagels, pastrami dishes and pretzels.

Brunch is always popular in New York city and is a light lunch served from around 11:00 in most café and restaurants, followed shortly afterwards by lunch. Dinner throughout New York is usually treated as a leisurely affair, with restaurants opening from around 18:00 and often remaining open until the earlier hours of the morning, particularly at the weekends.

Other notable tourist destinations in the state of New York include Albany, Buffalo, Jamaica, Lake George, New York City, Niagara Falls, Rochester and Syracuse.

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Eating and Dining in New York - Restaurants Guide

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